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15 Fun Workouts To Try If Your Bored

Many people do well in training, but after a while get bored and quit.People get bored with the same routine and then quit. Sometimes the same thing happens when people focus on healthy foods to eat.

They way to avoid this is to mix in some changes from your normal training routine to keep it fun and interesting. Here are just a few examples of exercises you can do:

1. Staircases. You can find stairs almost anywhere you go, and they are great for exercise. Just sprint to the top, recover on the way down and work in some pull-ups or push-ups.

2. Sprints. Do some wind sprints by running all out for 50, 75, or 100 yards in a big open field. You can also spring up hills, resting on the way back down.

3. Kettle bells. Take your capabilities to the next levels by substituting these for barbells and dumbbells.

4. Body weight. You carry it around with you so why not use it? Do some pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and squats a couple times a week as you workout at home.

5. Ring exercises. Use gymnastic rings anywhere to do horizontal body rows, L-sits, ring pull-ups and more.

6. Swimming. This is a great whole body exercise that is fun and challenging. Try sprinting 25 to 50 meters while resting in between.

7. Sandbags. Try holding a sandbag during lunges, squats, and hill walking. This will get some of those muscles you sometimes miss.

8. Mountain biking. Work out your legs as you pedal uphill without getting off the bike, and then enjoy the ride back down. Keep this up and you’ll have found some ways on how to lose weight fast also

9. Rock climbing. Have fun as you get your mind involved as you work out your entire body.

10. Stick wrestling. Fight over a stick with your buddy and see who’s toughest. Push, pull and thrash your way into an intense workout.

11. Strongman training. Borrow a page from the World’s Strongest man by doing keg throws, log lifts, and heavy-object-heaves.

12. Rope climbing. Hurry up, then after you get back down relax by doing some squats or lunges.

13. Bag boxing. Use a speed back to work on rhythm and timing, and then use the heavy bag for a complete body workout.

14. Jump rope. This is a great full body exercise that is one of the best. Get a cheap plastic rope then mix in some arm crossovers and double jumps as you have fun burning fat.

15. Jumping exercises. Lose more fat and build more muscle by doing some box jumps and lunge jumps as part of your routine.

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