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3 Tips To Prevent Panic Attacks Controlling Your Life

For any one who suffers from panic attacks if they allow them to they can take control over their life. There are a number of things which one can do to prevent a panic attack happening. But should the situation become a chronic one then it may need to treated medically. Below we provide some tips on ways of how to stop panic attacks before they take complete control.

Tip 1 – One of the best ways to stop a panic attack before it takes a hold is to get your breathing right. It is important that you learn the right sorts of breathing techniques which can then help you to relax. There are a number of different techniques that you can use today and many of these you will find offered on the internet.

The simplest breathing technique used is where you sit in a quiet place and slowly begin to breathe in and out very deeply and slowly. The breathing is then helping to send messages around the body so it becomes relaxed and calm. As the body becomes more relaxed the production of adrenalin from the adrenal glands is reduced.

Tip 2 – This tip is going to take a little more time to master because you need to learn how to stop having negative thoughts. When a panic attack starts the first thing you need to do is say to yourself that you can and will stop the attack in a little while. By doing this you are gaining control over the situation and it helps to start relaxing your mind.

Once you stop having negative thoughts you then need to start replacing them with thoughts of a more positive nature. Although people say you should think of something you like, this is not the case. Instead you need to be reinforcing the thoughts you are currently having and which helped your to respond to the problem in a positive way. Doing this will help you to carry on and prevent the panic attack from taking control.

Tip 3 – As soon as you feel a panic attack happening then move away from the source which has triggered it. It is important when having such feelings that you recognize what they are and then start to make changes. Even small changes will help you to avoid the same situations in the future or help you to deal with them more effectively.

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