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5 Easy Keys To Make Yourself Skinny…Mentally

We are always talking about superior ways that you can shed weight quickly. This next aspect can either make or break your weight loss program.
This may sound hard to believe, but if you can picture yourself thinner and healthier then you can succeed in making that a reality as well. While it’s easy to disparage this idea as some new-age mumbo jumbo, countless scientific studies have proven that positive self-visualization can lead to successful results.

Hospital patients who were suffering from sickness or trauma showed surprisingly encouraging results when they spent each day picturing themselves strong and healthy again. Other successful people, such as CEOs and executives, have attributed their success to visualization as well.

Visualization can be used to supplement your fitness and diet routine as well and this has been also been proven in countless scientific journals.

Before you can become a fitter you, you must first believe that it’s a real possibility. There’s no good reason not to give this new yet old method a try.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that when you do this you’re free from extraneous outside pressure that may impede your ability to concentrate. Find a quiet room in your house or apartment and then turn of all the lights so that it’s just you and darkness.

Turn off your cellphone and unplug your house phone, then close your eyes. Start by breathing deeply and slowly in through your nose.

Then you slowly exhale through your mouth, so you can keep yourself calm and focused. If you’d like to put on some peaceful and low-key music, feel free.

Keep breathing and, in your head, start telling yourself that you’re thin, fit, healthy, and beautiful. This is very important and is some of the key ways to shed weight quickly.

While still breathing, picture yourself the way you are right now. Keep watching yourself and use your mind to start shrinking your belly.

Watch as your stomach starts to shrink in and your muscles begin to tighten. Your abs start to form the muscles that you’ve only before seen on TV.

Watch as the rest of your torso falls into place, forming muscles where there used to be fat.

Now move on to your arms. Watch them turn from flabby tubes into defined, well-chiseled specimens. Your shoulders broaden, your forearms firm, and the fat just melts away.

Keep focusing on this beautiful body for at least ten minutes and then start to count backwards from ten, all the while breathing as you have been.

When you get to one, open your eyes and relax. You may be a bit winded so continue lying or sitting for another five or ten minutes.

This form of meditation, or intense thought on the subject, will be just as important as your exercise routine, so be sure to keep it up about three times a week if not daily.

In time, you’ll find that the person in the mirror is starting to look more and more like the person in your head.

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