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A Quick Look At Pilates

If you’re wondering if the terms Yoga and Pilates are synonymous, not exactly. But Pilates is a form of yoga and that makes them closely related. In fact, Pilates appears to be the most celebrated form of yoga and is now growing increasingly popular all over the world. People view it as a potent way of allowing a body and soul connection that benefits anyone seeking to live the fullest life.

Pilates relies on distinct exercise routines, which mainly focus on building muscle strength and flexibility, as a way of attaining both physical and spiritual perfection. What makes it different from the others is its focus on body control instead of repetitious movements.

Pilates is geared towards finding and strengthening body alignment and the routines are essentially to develop and build muscle endurance. When performed correctly, the body is believed to naturally heal itself while taking on a better shape. While doing the moves, proper breathing techniques are also essential and may affect the quality of results that one gets from the exercise.

Compared to other programs, Pilates is centered on achieving full control of the body through concentration techniques that promote precision in movement. Although the body itself stands to benefit from all the stretching and fluidity, the mind also gains by being stimulated towards the creation of pleasant and positive thoughts. One simply needs a Pilates yoga mat and just enough space for one to perform the routines which mainly work up the lower back and abdominal muscles and the buttocks being the center of any perception of body alignment. With the right amount of focus and correct execution, the person is believed to achieve an overall sense of fullness and health.

Concentration, centering, flow, control, breathing and precision are the six fundamental principles which of Pilates. Because it requires minimal exertion for maximum control, the risk of injury is minimal as well.

Pilates has gained world recognition today as an overall package for health promotion even if it has started as a dance nearly 90 years ago. It is quite interesting to know that it all started with a once frail and sickly child who vowed to overcome his physical limitations by discovering all these powerful techniques we know today. En route to becoming a revered sportsman in his time, he explored his own body and the ways that could make it be everything that it wasn’t when he first started out. Not only did he achieve his goals but his discoveries also helped others achieve theirs.

If you think there’s good enough reason to try Pilates, you’re going to need a little preparation. Research goes a long way as you try to condition your mind to the routines that you will be soon working to perfect. To get the most out of the routines, make sure you’re comfortable with a choice among high quality Pilates Yoga Mats at

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