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Acid Reflux Cure Facts

It seems that every day you hear about a new acid reflux cure. The fact is we have more treatment options available than ever before and so the chances of getting relief from acid reflux are better than ever.

As you probably know, acid backing up ( that is, refluxing) into the esophagus causes the burning pain associated with acid reflux. The stomach is the only part of the G.I. tract that can safely handle the acid it contains. Stomach acid backing up into the esophagus injures the esophageal lining.

An acid reflux cure, therefore, should either prevent the acid from backing up in the first place or neutralize the acid so doesn’t causes damage if reflux does happen.

Eating habits greatly affect how likely reflux is to happen and how severe it is if it does. Eating a large meal greatly increased the pressure and stomach and makes reflux more likely. Eating foods that are acids themselves increases the severity of the problem for most people.

Common sense tells you that eating small meals and staying away from common trigger foods such as tomato sauce well prevent problems.

Another good strategy to minimize the reflux is to avoid lying down immediately after meals. When you’re upright gravity helps prevent reflux. If you lie down with a full stomach, reflux happens easily.

This is why reflux often causes the most problems at night. In addition to avoiding eating shortly before going to bed, using an acid reflux wedge pillow maybe all you need to eliminate the problem

The next stage of dealing with acid reflux is to neutralize the acid so it doesn’t cause symptoms. You’re probably familiar with over-the-counter and acids such as Maalox or Tum’s. These work by directly neutralizing the acid and are still reasonable treat option, especially for someone who only has problems occasionally.

People have more serious problem can use some of the newer potent acid blocking drugs. These work by stopping the acid from being produced in the first place and they can be highly effective. However they don’t work immediately. It takes a little time for the stomach acid to decrease after you take one of these medications.

I hope this is given you some ideas about acid reflux cures in the proper approach to treatment. Obviously there’s a lot more you could find out about this.

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