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Being a Hip and Sexy Mom with Acai Berry

I am blissfully married with two kids. Before having kids, my weight was between 115-120 pounds and that was normal for my height which is 5’4″. Following giving birth to my first child, I started gaining weight, about 10 pounds. When my second child was born, my weight skyrocketed to 155 pounds. I don’t know how it happened but it just happened.

It got me actually frustrated since I did not know how to get rid of them. I did not have time to exercise or work out in the gym for the reason that I was busy nursing my kids and taking care of the whole family, in addition, I was also working at the same time. I am a teacher and being a teacher is very demanding. When I am stressed out, eating is my coping mechanism so it did not help with my battle to lose weight.

My husband was kind to me and he did not complain about my weight gain at all, although I know that he wanted me to lose weight but he did not show it.

I wanted to lose weight truly badly for the reason that I wanted to fit in those really skinny and skimpy outfits that I used to wear prior to having kids. I miss wearing those kinds of clothes.

I tried every diet there is, from pills, tea, those different equipment sold in different TV shopping networks but none of them worked for me. It just made me frustrated even more because I did not lose even a single pound.

I tried starving myself but it just made me ill and I can no longer play with my kids. I was persistently researching about different techniques or different methods for me to get rid of these extra pounds until I came across an article on the benefits of acai berry and how it can make possible weight loss without having to exercise or even to starve.

I have been incorporating acai berry in my daily food intake and after two months of taking it, I have lost 5 lbs already. A renowned doctor named Dr Oz is also an supporter of acai berry. You can learn more about Dr oz and acai berry more through the internet.

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