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Breath Fresh Air, Avoid the Smell of Bad Breath Halitosis

If you have ever sat down next to someone and after striking up a conversation you realize that they have bad breath halitosis. Leaving just isn’t an option so you have to sit through the horrible smell. In a situation like this what options do you have? Do you confront the smell head on with mints and spray? Do you just walk away?

Halitosis or bad breath is one of the big turn offs when you are talking to someone. Imagine that you are getting a headache and putting the person you are talking with through torture. Each breath you breathe is a minute of disaster for that person. I know that you would like to get rid of this too. You don’t want to ruin our day, do you? Here’s a thing or two from me. Hope that this piece of advice can help you lessen your bad breath and start creating a whole fresh you.

When you are out to dinner and you eat a dish with garlic or onions it’s a great idea to brush your teeth and tongue shortly there after. If a toothbrush isn’t available wash out your mouth with water and use mints or mouth wash. If you ignore these couple steps the odors in the food combine with the acids in the body to create a more lasting odor that is more difficult to remove. Paying attention to these simple things will help many people avoid having to smell your breath.

Floss. Meat is usually a big headache for us. They want to stay in between our teeth, giving out a bad odor too.

Try to avoid dry mouth by drinking lots of water, not coffee or soda, but water. Bad breath halitosis is brought on by dry mouth so the more water the better. Milk, soda, tea and coffee need to be flushed out of your mouth shortly after being consumed or the will produce acids that will promote bad breath halitosis.

See your dentist. He can help you and your cavity which also results in bad breath halitosis. You will get pearly whites and strong teeth too. This is the start of a perfect smile and a whole new you.

If you focus on these simple little changes and you will no longer have to battle your bad breath halitosis. You will get your smile back and the next time someone sits next to you, you can actually have a conversation without thinking about your breath.

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