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3 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally and Effectively

Natural-weight-lossThere are so many ways to lose weight today – there are hundreds of diet programs that can help you get rid of fat very fast, diet pills that promise instant results, as well as intense exercise regimens that get you that leaner body you’ve always wanted to have.

For people who want risk-free, inexpensive, and all-natural solutions to losing weight fast, there are certain simple methods to achieve just that.

Here are 3 ways to lose weight fast, done in the most natural way possible:

1. Choose to Eat Fruits More than Anything Else

Making the commitment to lose weight means making the commitment to change your lifestyle. Before you start to take on a fruit diet for the first few days of your weight loss efforts, you must get rid of all of your “bad” food choices.

Get rid of all the junk food and processed goods in your pantry. This includes cookies, chips, chocolates, and basically everything that’s not fresh. You also have to throw away anything white in your diet – such as white bread, white sugar, and pasta – they contain unhealthy carbohydrates that make you bloat – making you look bigger than you actually are.

Once you’ve cleaned your pantry of all that junk, it’s time to hit the supermarket and stock up on some healthy and fresh fruits to eat for the next few days.

When consuming fruits, you are helping to detoxify your liver, which results to an overall healthier body. Lemons, specifically, are excellent liver detoxifiers. The liver is one of the main organs responsible for digestion and fat burning, and when you eat citrus fruits, which they help to improve your liver’s overall functioning, your body gets to burn more fat effectively and your digestive system will work more efficiently – helping you lose weight and keep you healthier.

Other essential fruits needed for weight loss are apples, which are high in fiber and low in calories. Since they are high carbohydrate fruits, apples are best eaten at breakfast since they can give you the fuel you need to go on with your day. Similar fruits include bananas, pineapples, mangoes, grapes, pears, and plums.

Low carbohydrate fruits such as watermelon and peach have high water content, making you feel fuller and reducing your cravings. They also help to cleanse the body of toxins, making you even healthier as you lose weight.

Other amazing fruits that aid in weight loss are avocados and coconuts. Avocados contain Omega 9 fatty acids that increase metabolism, while coconuts are rich in medium chain triglycerides that improve the liver’s rate of metabolism by 30%.

Overall, having an all-fruit diet will help to improve blood circulation, improve the digestive system, boost your immune system, give your skin a healthy glow, promote overall health, reduce water retention, and best of all, aid in effective and natural weight loss.

2. Do Aerobic Exercises 3 time a Week

You don’t have to enroll yourself in a gym or hire a personal trainer to lose weight fast with exercise. You can do aerobic exercises in the comforts of your own home or around your neighborhood.

Aerobic exercises are the most effective way to lose weight through physical activity because they use fat as the primary source of energy. This means that aerobic exercises are the best ways to burn stored fat in all the nasty places in your body that need working on – such as your thighs, abdomen, and butt.

Aerobic exercises consist of long, repetitive movements that challenge the heart and lungs – bringing more energy throughout the cells of the body. So not only are you burning fat, but you’re also helping to make your entire body healthier as well.

Walking is the easiest yet least effective aerobic exercise for weight loss. However, for starters, it’s the perfect introduction to living an active lifestyle. An hour of brisk walking can make you lose about 300-400 calories. Once you’re ready to move to the next level, take up running or jogging where an hour of continued exercise can help you lose about 600 calories. Cycling and swimming will also help you lose the same amount of calories.

To make your muscles firmer and leaner, strength training is the best form of exercise. You can buy weights or dumbbells and slowly move from one weight to the next. You can hold the weights as you walk or jog to bring more dynamics to your workout.

Exercising once a week won’t yield results but being physical for at least an hour 3 times a week for 6 weeks straight will certainly give you visible results. Though drastic weight loss won’t occur until at least after 3 months of diet and exercise, you’ll definitely start to see some weight loss after a month of continued exercise and diet.

However, it is important to note that intense exercise and going on an all-fruit diet together is not recommended. You’d want to consume an appropriate amount of calories to last through your workouts. You can do a fruit diet for 5 days and gradually introduce meat into your diet before you start exercising. You’ll need all the energy you can get, as well as protein and carbs for your workouts so make sure you have enough calories to lose before you even begin to make that 1 hour run.

3. De-Stress for Weight Loss

You might think it’s a contradiction to relax when you want to lose weight but it’s actually essential to achieve effective weight loss. When your body is stressed, you produce cortisol and adrenaline – two hormones that bring fatigue, restlessness, and weight gain. And when your body produces more cortisol, you tend to crave for sugary, salty, and fatty foods – leading to binge eating that makes you gain weight.

Stress-related hormonal changes also make your body keep fat – which just makes you gain more weight.

In order for your fruit diet and aerobic exercises to work, you must have low stress levels so you can properly lose the weight that you want to lose.

You can practice meditation, get a relaxing massage, or simply listen to some good music. Take the time to relax, unwind, and just refresh your mind from all the negativity and let all the stress disappear.

There are many ways to lose weight – but if you want it done the natural and risk-free way, all you need are fruits, an hour of aerobic exercises, and some time to relax your mind.

5 Tips for Burning More Calories Starting Today


When trying to lose fat and build some muscle so you can reshape your body, it helps to find simple tricks to eliminate or burn more calories, whether it’s through your workout program, or through your nutrition plan.

Here are five simple nutrition tips that will help put your body in fat burning mode.  This will help you get even more out of your workout plan, helping you make even faster progress.

1)  Eat more vegetables.  Simple sure, but how many people really do it?  Try mixing and matching fresh vegetables for variety.  Besides the numerous health benefits, most veggies are full of fiber, which will fill you up, as well as burn more calories than eating other foods.

Yes, frozen vegetables are just fine.  In fact, frozen fruits and vegetables have shown to be more likely to hold their nutrient value versus fresh because of things like the time they sit after being picked before you have them at home and eat them.

2)  Go ahead and snack, just snack on good stuff, like raisins, nuts (especially almonds), veggies and most fruit.  Not dried fruit, though.  Have you ever looked at the calorie count and ingredients of most mixed nut and fruit “trail mix” products?  It’s not pretty!

3)  Speaking of nuts, add nuts to your yogurt and salads.  Chopped nuts make a great alternative to “breaded” style garnishes like croutons.

4)  Specific food combinations can help to burn calories by ramping up your metabolism.  Eat carbs that are rich in fiber.  They take longer to digest and you will feel “fuller” for longer periods of time.

Along with carbs rich in fiber, take in more protein.  Your body burns more calories when you eat protein than it burns digesting either fats or carbohydrates.

Eating more protein to burn fat was confirmed in a study published in the American Journal of Physiology.

One group was fed a high protein diet (just over one gram per pound of bodyweight per day) while the second group consumed a protein diet near equal to that of the RDA.

The group eating the high protein diet burned more fat than the group consuming protein near equal to the RDA.

Want to burn fat or build muscle?  Get lots of fiber and protein.

Eating protein also helps to prevent muscle loss while dieting, which can help prevent the slowing of your metabolism.

5)  Yogurt can help you lose weight while protecting muscle.  

A study of overweight people who ate three servings of yogurt daily for 12 weeks lost  22% more weight, 61% more  body fat and 81% more abdominal fat than people who ate a similar number of calories but no dairy products.

Make sure to get yogurt with real fruit and no added sugar.  Or, get plain yogurt and add your own berries to it.

Yogurt is also an easy and convenient snack and contains high quality protein as well.

Put these five tips into practice and your new muscle building, fat burning machine (your body) will reward you for it.

The 1 Key to Getting Lean and Ripped


Sprint workouts are one of the best fat burning workouts you can do.  Yes, really.

A study done by Colorado State University (you can find it at gave subjects a maintenance diet for three days.

On one of the days they did 2.5 minutes of sprints.

Using the latest technology (oxygen analyzers, etc.) it was determined the subjects burned an extra 200 calories on the day they did the sprints.

Now, full disclosure – the workout…

involved pedaling as fast as possible on a stationary bicycle in the room that was set at a high resistance for five 30-second periods, each separated by four-minute periods of recovery in which they pedaled slowly with very little resistance. During the intense, 30-second bouts, the researchers coached the volunteers over an intercom system, encouraging them to give 100 percent effort.

So it was actually a 22.5 minute workout, although they were only “working” for 2.5 minutes.

Even so, that’s pretty good stuff!

Have you ever seen a fat sprinter?  Me, either.

We see fat marathon runners all the time, though.

They are not overweight by any means, but they are skinny fat in that their body composition isn’t good.

They may be skinny but too much of the weight they do have is fat, not muscle.

Sure, they don’t look fat when you glance at them.

But too much of the (little) weight they carry, is fat, not muscle.

While their overall weight may be okay, the body composition of that weight isn’t always what it should be.  They burn too much muscle with all that long distance running.

But not sprinters.  If you want to shed fat at a record pace and keep your lean muscle and your metabolism revving, sprint workouts are the way to go for getting lean, ripped abs.

You also have to be careful.  Sprinting all out on a flat surface can be a great way to injure yourself, especially if you don’t warm up properly.

One way to limit the risk of injury (and it can be a more intense, more effective workout, too) is to perform  your sprints uphill, instead of on a flat surface.

If you don’t have a hill around that’s convenient, a flat place to sprint (on a track, or a field, not the hard cement or concrete of a road or sidewalk) will do just fine.

You’ll also want to limit your sprint efforts to 85 – 90% of your all out effort.  It will be enough.

Before a sprint workout, hit a light jog for a few minutes (if you’re sprinting on a field like a soccer or football field, you can jog a couple of laps around the outside) or perform a couple of minutes of jump rope.

Then it’s a few bodyweight exercises like jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, leg swings, etc.

All this doesn’t need to be long or intense but you want to prepare your body for sprinting.

The sprinting workout begins with three or four (progressively harder) sprints of about 30 to 40 yards.    These are warm ups.  You shouldn’t be bent over hands on your knees exhausted!

Then it’s time for the real thing.

Interval training stresses energy systems in the body that aren’t accustomed to being used,” says Jeramie Hinojosa, M.S., director of the East Texas Medical Center Olympic Center, in Tyler, Texas.
“Blood supply to cells increases, the cells use oxygen more efficiently, and the enzymes that help create energy also increase.  This improves fitness.

Keep in mind, serious sprint workouts are similar to intense weight training sessions for the legs, so your body needs time to recover.  If you start doing multiple sprinting sessions per week, cut back on your leg workouts with weights accordingly.

There are numerous ways to perform not only sprinting sessions, but interval training in general, from work to rest ratio, length of work and rest intervals, number of interval ‘set’s, exercises involved, etc.

Besides the variety, you can also build on your sprint workouts as you improve your overall fitness level.  Starting out, you might only be able to perform 2 or 3 sprints of 20 yards before calling it quits.

But your fitness levels will quickly improve and before you know it, you’ll be doing more sprints of longer length (not necessarily for a longer time as your speed will improve as well).

Even so, don’t let these training sessions expand into long, volume oriented workouts.  When it comes to hiit training, a little bit goes a long way.

If you aren’t ready for high intensity interval training, here’s a sample progression for you:

  • Alternate jogging with walking
  • Alternate running with jogging
  • Alternate sprints with walking
  • Alternate sprints uphill with walking down the hill (and extra rest if needed)

If you don’t have access to a hill, you can still adjust the parameters like I mentioned above.  Maybe you start out with 3 to 4 sprints of 20 yards.

First you add intervals until you are doing 10 sprints of 20 yards and then you drop back the number of sprint intervals to 4 or 5 and sprint for 30 yards.

Eventually, you may be doing ten 60 yard sprints for your workouts.  Yes, it’s the same type of progression ladder you’d use to increase your weights in your weight training routines.

During your sprint workouts, you don’t need to go all out.  Try sprinting around 85 – 90% of a maximum effort.

If you’re serious about burning fat and getting ripped abs and want to quickly see results, consider adding hiit training in the form of sprinting to your program.

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