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Lose Belly Fat with Diet

Yogurt against obesity and belly fat

We all know that yogurt (the plain one, without sugar and additives) is a very healthy diet product rich in calcium. Surveys show that yogurt is also important for those who want to lose weight and maintain their body shape after weight loss.

Below I quote a relevant passage from Dr Perricone’s book “Look Younger, Live Longer”

«In a survey held in 2003 at the University of Tennessee, 34 obese people followed a diet low in calories. 16 of those were receiving 400-500mg calcium in the form of a daily nutritional supplement. The other 18 were receiving more calcium – 1100mg – by eating yoghurt. After 12 weeks, both groups lost fat. The group that received the nutrient supplement lost 270 grams of fat, but the team that had yoghurt lost about 450 grams of fat. Moreover, the people who consumed yogurt realized a reduction in their waist region by four centimeters average. Individuals that received the nutritional supplement lost only sixty three millimeters from their waist. Finally, an impressive 60% of the total weight lost by people who consumed yogurt was from the belly region, while the group that received the nutrient supplement lost only 26% from the belly region. »

This is particularly exciting news because the fat on the abdomen region is linked to high cholesterol, high insulin, high triglyceride levels, hypertension and other problems. Furthermore, visceral fat secretes more molecules associated with inflammatory diseases than other types of fat.

The survey also indicated that the group that consumed yogurt showed twice the efficiency in maintaining their muscle mass. The research coordinator, Michael Zemel said, «This is very important when you follow a diet. We want to lose fat, not muscle mass. Muscles help to burn calories but often the loss of muscle mass is accompanied by body weight loss ». I totally agree with him!
Try to always buy organic yogurt and avoid yoghurts containing stabilizers and gelling agents. Also, avoid yoghurt containing sugar or fruit as these disrupt the delicate chemical balance of the product. Also, sugars promote the development of adverse fungi “Candida”. Now after the holidays I think that our good yogurt will help us finally get rid of this extra weight.