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Dementia – Deficiency of Oxygen Can Take its Toll!

I recently had a client inform me her mother had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. She encouraged her to try my High Blood Pressure program. Her mother suffered from dementia, so other treatment methods were difficult since they involved daily medication or other complicated steps.

While her blood pressure did go down, that wasnt the major point of her communication to me. It turns out that her mothers dementia symptoms greatly subsided once she started my program!

Dementia literally means, deprived of mind. It is a progressive decline in cognitive function which affects memory, attention, orientation, judgment language, motor and problem solving skills. Like vertigo is basically dizziness due to a myriad of causes, dementia is not a disease in and of itself but rather caused by damage or disease.

Dementia, which was once thought of as part of the aging process, is now thought to be a deterioration due to damage (stroke or other vascular damage, head trauma, alcoholism ” due to lack of thiamine and certain other vitamin deficiencies), or disease (Alzheimers ” the most common type of dementia, syphilis, Lewy bodies, brain tumors, Picks disease, HIV and/or AIDs, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Huntingtons disease and Multiple Sclerosis).

Moodiness, memory loss, and communication difficulties are common symptoms (including being able to read and write). Because of the progressive nature of most forms of dementia, the sufferer eventually finds it difficult to perform everyday tasks and can ultimately become unable to care for his/herself.

Thou this is not considered anymore as a normal part of aging, studies do reflect that dementia affects 1% of the population over the age of 60, and that number is doubling every five years after. I find it interestingly that people who are bi or multi-lingual have the tendency to experience symptoms on an average of 4 years later. Use it or lose it, definitely figures in.

Dementia can be dismissed from consideration through Blood tests, CT, PET and MRI scans due to certain diseases or injuries (stroke). However, for many, mental and cognitive tests are required.

A doctor should take into account ones socio-economic, cultural and educational background when administering the test. Just as many claim IQ tests are biased, it is sometimes not easy to know what normal is for a patient.

Smoking and drinking (alcohol) are included as risk factors due to the increased risk for vascular diseases. This in turns puts you at risk for dementia. Additionally, high cholesterol and diabetes can also contribute.

The reason for dementia is LACK of OXYGEN to vital parts of the brain, regardless of how it occurs (through brain trauma such as a stroke or Alzheimers disease). There are some types of dementia that can be reversed while others cant.

Even if your doctor claims otherwise, do not consider having dementia a death sentence. New research is coming into existence on the effects of oxygen on already damaged tissues in the brain. You dont want the dementia to progress, worst case. The key is transporting the oxygen to the necessary areas of the brain.

I highly suggest my programs due to the fact that they are completely natural, relaxation and breathing exercises specifically designed to get blood/oxygen to your major organs, including the brain. I highly recommend my Alzheimers program which will be coming soon!


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