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Diabetes Causes

[youtube:i7uOQ4wjWlk;[link:Diabetes Causes];] The root of diabetes is actually a very broad subject and honestly, nobody understands what causes someone to develop diabetes. This is what we do know. Diabetes is a vehicle immune disease that means that the body attacks itself ; although we don’t know why the body does this or what triggers the body to try this. If you want to get technical, the reason behind diabetes is the body’s inability to either produce enough insulin or not to provide any insulin at all or the body’s resistance to insulin. When the body does one of these things, diabetes is diagnosed ; however, what causes the body to do this? Who knows?

The pancreas contains the cells, the Islet cells, which are required to produce insulin. In Type 1 diabetes, these Islet cells are destroyed, which in turn, causes the body not to supply any insulin on its own. This indicates that the diabetic patient will have to take insulin injections to compensate for the body’s lost capability to produce its own insulin.

The American Diabetes association is devoted to funding research to help find the cause and the cure, among other things, associated with diabetes. As with any other major disease, there are things that are related to the disease but it is not a definite known in the final analysis.

Risk Factors – There are some risk factors that are associated with diabetes, especially Type two diabetes. By controlling these contributors you can reduce your odds of developing Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, they don’t help to reduce the possibility of developing Type one diabetes even though once diagnosed with Type one, you can maintain steady blood glucose levels and ensure a lower side effect rate by controlling these risk factors.

You wish to maintain a healthy diet and eating habits. This will make sure that you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your odds of developing Type 2 diabetes which is usually related to being fat. You need to develop an exercise routine which will increase you level of exercise so you may help to control your weight.

If you were diagnosed as having gestational diabetes, there’s a chance that you will develop Type 2 diabetes later in life too. Other risk factors for Type two diabetes include : over 45 years old, coronary disease, high blood cholesterol levels, and so on.

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