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Easy going weight loss – 7 tips below

Diet does not necessarily mean starvation. With these 7 simple tips you can lose weight without depriving yourself from anything.

1. Eat a male breakfast
Forget the corn-flakes, you need protein and fat. An omelet with a piece of cheese will keep you filled certainly more than a croissant.

2. Eat more
We are talking about three main meals and three snacks. No, you will not lose weight if you insist eating only once a day. Increase your metabolism and cut hunger by eating small meals and snacks all day.

3. Say no to processed carbohydrates
Foods such as white bread, pasta and sugar makes you fatten. Prefer to eat whole meal bread and pasta, but in moderation.

4. Lift weights
You need to do some gymnastics. Lifting weights will not only give you better performance, but will activate your metabolism, so you will be burning more calories even after workout.

5. Think well before eating
Don’t just feed your mouth with a stale cheese pie because you found it on the kitchen table. Eat what you like and what is healthy to your body and try to eat slowly.

6. Get out of your healthy plan every now and then
If you are deprived all the time, then you will be fed up and stop all your efforts. Eat some unhealthy food very rarely, but do it in moderation.

7. Do not fear the fat

Eating a meal without fat makes you hungry again very soon. The fat in our diet is not only necessary for your health, but helps to absorb vitamins and minerals. Also, it helps you to control your appetite. Therefore do eat some fat, but only good quality fat (like grilled meat for example).

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