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Stress is a serious and very common problem of modern people and there are many various methods how it can be treated. However, not all methods all always completely safe, or without side effects. Because of that, it is a good idea to consider trying some remedies that mother nature has given us, before we try some of the synthetic medications that can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. You can buy herbs, or even better, you can go out pick your own herbs, enjoying the nature at the same time. If you find the latter suggestion interesting, below you can find some useful information regarding searching herbal remedies good for healing stress.

One of the most known herbs that can help reduce stress and problems that come along with it, is Valeriana officinalis, also known just as valerian. Valerian is a very important and well known medicinal herb, that can grow more than one meter in height. It is a hardy perennial plant, that usually has pink or white flowers. The flowers are in bloom in the northern hemisphere usually from June to September. It is native to Europe and some parts of Asia, but can also be found in North America, soon after the medicinal properties of this plant became well known. It mostly likes shady and more humid areas. Edges of forrests are usually good places to look for this plant. The effectiveness of valerian has been scientifically proven and is one of the most used natural remedies for stress and insomnia as well.

There is another herb well known for treating stress, called Melissa officinalis, also known as lemon balm. It usually grows between 30 and 70 centimeters in height, and usually has a relatively branched form. It has white to yellow flowers. It is native to eastern mediterranean area, but can also be found in other places as well. This medicinal herb usually flowers in the late summer, but the leaves (that have the most active substances), should be picked before the flowering starts. It likes shady places, and ofter grows along fences and pathways. It’s property to calm down stressful and nervous people is the most important feature of this herb. Tea can be prepared by using only dried leaves of this plant, or even better, a herbal mixture of valerian root and lemon balm leaves can be prepared, to make an even more effective herbal cure.

There are also many other medicinal herbs that have been, and are still used today to reduce stress, but the mentioned are among the most popular, and most common used ones today.

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