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Get that Washboard Wonder Look to You – Get a Six Pack Abs

The ‘Rectus Abdominus’ are the easiest muscles to corrupt and the most difficult to develop. So, if you developed something of a ‘pot belly’ and have decided that it is time you got yourself something that resembles six pack abs, you should prepare yourself for the fight of a lifetime. In order to get yourself six pack abs, you must workout for as many months as the number of years you have neglected them.

To give your abs a brick-like structure, diet is important, but also vital is the knowledge of which group of muscles others have willingly ignored that you need to focus on for getting that washboard wonder look!

It is not enough just to exercise the abdominals alone: the Rectus Oblicus (muscles on the side, just above the hips, known as the ‘love handles’) must also be exercised. Leg lifts and working the back muscles are very important in order to get the perfect abdominals.

On your way to developing your six-pack abs you will need to lose fat deposits in all your muscle groups. You can do this by lifting weights, though not too heavy. Some form of cardiovascular exercising for at least 20 minutes daily will also be a great help.

You must also wake up and keep your metabolism going. You can do this by eating a small meal such as, potatoes and salads every three hours, just to keep the hunger pangs away. Have smaller dinners, plenty of fibers and never forget to have breakfast.

There are many videos available today that help you learn about abdominal exercises from a  certified personal trainer; all stress on the importance of warming-up before trying out various crunch exercises, like the bent knee crunch, bicycle crunch, exercise ball crunch, long arm crunch and the V crunch. Equally important is learning assorted leg and hip raises that help to strengthen and condition abdominal muscles.

Be persistent and disciplined and before you know it you will be able to see results in the shape of six-pack abs.

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