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Helpful Tips to Survive the Winter

Intense cold conditions can cause influenza or some other health related problem. It is essential to take precautions and keep ourselves and our homes as warm as possible. The following tips can help you a great deal:

1. If you want to keep warm, an excellent method is to insulate your clothes.. By doing so, you will keep the warmth inside the clothes and the cold will be left out.

2. Keep your house warm. If it is too costly to keep your whole house warm then atleast keep the living room warm where people spend their time. During nighttime, you can keep your bedroom warm just half an hour or so before going to bed.

3. You can use oil heaters to keep your home warm. Sometimes, for enclosed spaces, gas heaters are not suitable. Get expert advice here..

4. Whatever heater you are using in the bedroom, don’t forget to open the door or window a little for ventilation.

5. Be careful if you are using an electric blanket.. Have it checked atleast once in 3 years..

6. It would be better to wear plenty of thin layers of clothes on the body rather than a single layer.

7. Get used to being in socks and shoes most of the time to ward off the cold. Electric foot warmer might also be helpful in keeping the feet warm.

8. Keep your neck and ears covered as they might be very vulnerable parts to cold.

9. Keep the main house door closed and probably have heavy curtains inside the house.

10. Stay active during winters by running around, exercising or doing any chores. It is best not to sit idle for long periods of time.

11. Make sure that the heating system is working fine..

12. Check and seal any gaps in doors and windows or else cold air might come inside and cause discomfort.

13. Sipping hot drinks like tea or coffee might also help, but its best not to overdo this.

14. It might not be wise to venture outside of the house unnecessarily. Stay indoors as much as possible.

15. When you return home from work, try to avoid going out frequently without any proper reason. Manage outside work in such a manner that outside trips are minimized.

You can do a lot of tasks at a single time when you go out.. Also stock up provisions in order to avoid going out frequently, specially if its too cold.

16. Draw the house curtains when it gets dark. This is because more heat may escape through the windows than the doors. In order to keep as much heat inside as possible, make sure to draw curtains as evening approaches.

17. Do not heat all rooms at all times if they are not occupied.. So heat only those rooms which you occupy.

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