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Here’s How to Recognise Attention Deficit Disorder

It has been estimated that as many as 4.4% of adults actually have some degree of Attention Deficit Disorder. Studies and statistics have shown that ADD sufferers can have difficulty holding a long term, steady job and tend to be lower academic achievers.

Attention deficit disorder, or ADD, is caused by problems in the brain’s dopamine neurotransmitter systems. An old theory that ADD can be caused by poor diet has now been disproven. And ADD is never caused by bad parenting. Most cases of ADD are actually inherited. A child is 30% more likely to exhibit the symptoms of ADD if a parent or close family member has the condition.

During childhood the symptoms of ADD can be very clear. Child development traverses three distinct phases. The first stage occurs as babies when they start to focus on various objects around them. The object will hold their attention for a period of time.

The next stage will be familiar to parents of toddlers as this is when their attention is continuously shifting from one thing to another. If a child continues to show this type of behaviour they are likely to be diagnosed as having ADD.

It is the third stage of development when children exhibit the ability to focus for longer periods of time and to control their focus. This pattern of attention and concentration is what is required in classroom situations.

A key aspect of ADD is not only the inability to concentrate on a topic or task for a very long period of time. ADD sufferers lack the ability to choose what they focus upon and what attracts their attention. This can become very apparent when a child with ADD is required to undertake a routine task. If they are required to wait then their attention can quickly be drawn to something else.

The ADD sufferers brain doesn’t release enough neuro chemicals so they find themselves looking around for more stimulus. For them this is a reflex reaction that is outside their control.


I hope that these notes have helped you to understand the causes of ADD. There are many forms or treatment, some involving drugs, but one of the most effective involves camping and outdoor activity. Bushcraft courses can be a great way to learn about the outdoors at any time of year. Just make sure you are wrapped up in some warm outdoor clothing and you take along a good sleeping bag.

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