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High-protein fat-burning snack

Another excellent recipe secret from Mike Geary below:

**My high-protein, fat-burning snack:

Ok, here’s one of the simplest high protein snacks that I’ve used a lot over the years.  I like this as a small meal either late at night (due to the high protein, low carb content or even sometimes for a midmeal during the afternoon between lunch and dinner.

Vanilla-Cinnamon Nut Cottage Cheese…

Even people I know that say they don’t like cottage cheese have told me that they loved this!  Here’s what I mix together:

* mix together 2 to 1 ratio of cottage cheese to vanilla yogurt (that makes this higher in protein than in carbs)

* vanilla extract to taste

* cinnamon to taste (don’t be shy with cinnamon…it’s one of the most powerful antioxidants you can get…even more than most berries)

* handful of raw nuts (pecans, almonds, or walnuts are my favorites…but just about all nuts are packed with nutrition and healthy fats to keep your cravings at bay)

* just a touch of stevia to sweeten (stevia is a non-caloric natural sweetener that I believe is much safer than artificial sweeteners). I’ve ordered stevia (and yerba mate too, btw) at this site in the past:

This is such an easy and quick recipe, but it’s REALLY good… at least I think so, and a lot of people that I’ve had try it really liked it too.  Simple, easy, and packed with craving-ending nutrition!

Like I said, it’s also great for a late-night snack because of the healthy fats, relatively low carbs, and the casein protein content (which helps your body prevent catabolizing muscle tissue overnight because of the long-lasting casein protein).

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