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How Can You Remember Your Past Lives?

More people in the world today believe in reincarnation than don’t. For some, like the Hindus and Buddhists, it is part of their religion. For others, it just makes more sense to them. Still others may just be curious. Many of these people attempt to find out about their past lives, either through curiosity or maybe they are looking for an answer to something unexplainable that plagues them in this life. If you’ve ever been curious about past lives, there are many ways to begin your exploration.

Journaling Your Experiences

Journaling is one of the easiest ways to begin your exploration of past lives. Write down everything you experience, even if it seems to be really trivial. Include your emotional reactions to events. Your emotions may be your strongest clues to what may be related to a past life. By journaling, you are creating a written record that you can refer to later when you try to piece together clues.

You will find clues in your present life and you should record them as well. These may include issues such as foods, climates, cultures and historical occurrences as well as things from your childhood and what you think about such things as architectural designs. You may want to include all those instances of experiencing dj vu as well as your natural gifts and talents or personality characteristics, innate fears and phobias as well as any distinguishing birthmarks and scars or occupations you feel drawn too.

Write about your dreams. Sometimes past lives come through very clearly when we dream. At other times we get little hints. Past and present and combine in a dream and give us symbols that may have meaning for you in both the past and the present. Before you fall asleep, give yourself the suggestion that you want to learn about your past lives. Write down anything and everything you can remember.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Visiting a professional past life regression therapist can be beneficial, since they are trained and certified to guide you through a regression and then help you to interpret the information that may come through. The International Association of Past Life Therapists and the International Association for Regression and Research and Therapies both train and certify professional therapists. There may be a local area to find a therapist in your geographical location.


There are many methods of meditation that can help you explore your past lives. While meditating on your own is a private way to find out about your past, some people may have trouble trusting the information that comes in, but you should try and trust your feelings.

At times meditation may seem like daydreaming, when the images are coming to you and then leaving again, however, you may come across some very important information. You should write these down to ponder over later. Since our minds are so very suggestible, it can retrieve the information you ask it too. Keep in mind that if you tell yourself that you cannot do it, you will not be able to do so, because of the negative thought you have planted.

Some people meditate better using a visual stimulus, like a candle flame, while others find it easier to meditate with sound. This can be a recorded guided meditation session you get from a therapist or a certain piece of music or just sounds, like the “om” sound or Tibetan bells.

Some interesting benefits have recently been found in audio technology using a process called binaural beats. This uses slightly different frequencies of sound waves, playing in each ear and has results of instance relaxation, similar to that of experienced Zen monks during their meditations.

Whichever method appeals most to you make sure you can meditate in an area that is peaceful and that you won’t be disturbed.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable position, while being in a receptive and positive frame of mind. You will focus on relaxing your muscles while quieting your mind. When undesirable concerns enter your mind, simply acknowledge them and then let then pass, however it may take some practice to do so. You should focus on your heart, while not expecting anything but relaxing. When questions arise, ask them and then let them go. The answers will come to you, when you least expect them.

The images you receive will help you resolve something in your life, and that is what is important whatever your belief in reincarnation. It may not always be possible to prove that these images really are from a previous life, although many people do get enough information to actually research and verify names, places and events.

Some people find out that the people they love now were with them in another lifetime, although their relationship with that person may have been different. For example your father may have been your brother or even your husband in one of your past lives.

Whatever you may believe about reincarnation and past lives, most people who do try regression find what they receive to be helpful and interesting, no matter what their initial belief.

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