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How Is Your Health Affected By Isolated Systolic High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension can kill anyone and is becoming a killer disease all over the world. I know well because I have suffered the same fate but wizened up before it was too late. As I suffered from the effects of hypertension, I researched and learnt as much as I could about this fatal disease.

140/90 is considered to be high blood pressure. Systolic pressure is the upper number that is–0. You will be considered as pre-hypertensive if you have pressure between 120/80 to-9/89.

There is a reason that these numbers are very important. It has been since that as we age, our blood pressure increases. Hypertension becomes prevalent among the senior citizens specially those above the age of 65. Some even see their pressure rising as they enter their 50s.

The main organ that takes the heat of blood pressure is the heart. As blood pressure increases, the heart has to work harder leading to early heart attack.

Other vital organs like kidney are equally affected by the increase in blood pressure.

Let’s recap about systolic pressure. Systolic pressure is the pressure in the arteries when blood is being pumped in every beat. Diastolic pressure is the pressure in the arteries when heart is resting. It is the lower number of your blood pressure reading and it usually decreases with age. Whether a person has hypertension or not is judged by systolic pressure and any increase in it is considered as isolated systolic high blood pressure. Then again, to actually know your blood pressure, it is imperative to have both the reading.

A medical practitioner is the best person to judge whether you are suffering from high blood pressure or not.

It is very important that you go for medical check ups regularly because this is one disease that does not show any outward symptoms for long. When the person becomes aware, sometime it becomes too late. It is for nothing that it has been dubbed as “silent killer”.

Those that become aware hesitate to go to doctors because they fear that will be put on medication. They fear the side effects that rear head many times due to medication. If you are hesitant about this, talk to your physician beforehand.

But your doctor may not share the same concern with you and disregard your request for avoiding medication. This is the most common complain that is there against Western doctors that they relay too much on medication.

Then again, the doctors are also curtailed by the fact that their patients lead a very harmful life. When people fail to give up their habit of smoking, drinking, not exercising enough or eating junk food, the doctors cannot help but prescribe medication as the last resort.

To combat this problem, I have developed my own all natural High Blood Pressure Program that has been proved effective against isolated Systolic or otherwise high blood pressure. My program not only treats this problem, but cures it as well. The process is very relaxing and you have to devote only a small fraction of your time to implement it.

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