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How These Drinks Can Add Inches To Your Waist

Scientists have documented how drinks designed to provide energy don’t satisfy the appetite the same way it is satsisfied by regular food.For us, this means that we can get fatter from what we drink. This is important news for those wanting to know how to how to lose weight fast.

While the major drink in the typical diet that causes problems is soda, energy drinks are clearly troublesome.The effects of drinks on BMI and body weight are very problematic.

A published report in an obesity journal made a comparison between solid and liquid food. This demonstrated the different ways the body handles calories from the two different types of source. An example of this can be fruit: eating the whole fruit satisfies appetite, while drinking the juice doesn’t, leading you to eat more.

The calories you take in, if tracked, would not have any effect on your body, assuming you took in the same total amount. It’s the appetite issue that leads many people to want to eat more.

Protein drinks are very popular in any weight loss forum. Go to some of these and check it out. The people who frequent these sites vary in their beliefs on supplementing with shakes and smoothies so you get to hear both sides. You’d expect that maybe protein drinks would be different, but they’re not. As with other drinks, you get more calories per a given weight, less satisfaction of the appetite, less time in the digestive system, and effects in numerous other bodily systems.

In conclusion, we need to be aware that modern society has given us more to drink than humans ever have had before.

You should minimize the liquid calories you take in if you are interested in losing fat or losing weight.

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