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How to cure Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s is a disease that causes a curvature of the penis. Peyronies causes slight to severe curvatures that are seen during arousal. The condition was first discovered in Italy during the rang of King Louis the 16th.

Peyronie may be a natural genetic condition or a result of injury. The bend is caused by a form of scar tissue that over time amasses and forces the penis into an unnatural curve.

The normal tissue in the penis is capable of elongating and expanding with ease. With Peyronie’s disease an area of that tissue is replaced with a kind of scar tissue known as plaque that does not expand and places a great deal of pressure on that area of the penis when erect, thus causing sometimes painful and unnatural bends.

AS stated the initial cause of the condition is unknown what is known however is the first stages of Peyronie’s disease. It begins with a small amount of scar tissue within the shaft of the penis that forms a round ball of tissue that invades the healthy tissue in its surrounding., eventually replacing the healthy tissue with plaque.

Beyond the unsightly bend of the penis effects of Peyronie’s diseases may include: impotence, pain during arousal and should the curve of the penis be at an unusual angle penetration may be hindered.

Peyronie’s disease if now fully treatable with the use of either surgery or the wiser, safer approach is to use the new traction device invented by a group of physicians on Norway to correct the problem.. It is now FDA approved and offers a safe comfortable way of forcing the scar tissue to break down over the span of a few months allowing for normal healthy tissue to take its place. Sid effects include a lengthening and thickening of the penis.

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