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How To Keep Exercising When Crunched for Time

It’s hard to stay in good condition when you’re busy, but I have a workout for you that will get the job done in 15 minutes. You’ll need this so you can grab the time as it becomes available.

These exercises rely on your body’s weight so you can do them anywhere. This makes it unnecessary to carry equipment with you or go to the gym. Contrary to what you read in a weight loss forum, you can stay fit while your’re busy.

Start by doing pull-ups. These are great exercises to build muscle and to get lean, as long as you can find something to hang from. If you don’t have a way to get pullups done, do rows instead. You’ll still need something to grab, but you might have an easier time finding it.

To do a pull up, get an overhand grip on the bar, pulling your chin over it. Lower yourself down slowly by relaxing each arm.

The row is done as you have your back on the floor and pull yourself up to a beam that crosses above you before slowly relaxing to the floor.

The next exercise is the split squat.You should aim for twenty reps for your left and then for your right.

Put one foot out in front and drop your hips as all your weight is on your leading leg.Finish the repetitions of the left before doing them on the right.

You can make this exercise better by using dumbbells or other weights while you do this. These are also good six pack ab exercises.

The end of this small training session is the mountain climber. Make sure that you have the proper posture for doing these. You’ll start in push-up posture and bring your knee up under your torso and thrust it to start position again.

Get each knee up 15 times, making it a total of 30 reps.After you’ve gone through this series of exercises, rest for 60 seconds and then go through the series again twice.

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