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How to loose stomach fat by accelerating your Metabolism Part 1

In order to lose the last difficult pounds from your belly and get flatten abs, you need to accelerate and ignite your metabolism. You need to realize that there is a significant difference between losing some extra pounds at your stomach with getting the abdominals of Brad Pitt in Fight Club. You need big sacrifices to lose the remaining unnecessary fat on the lower part of your abdomen region. For starting you need to forget double sandwiches and coffees full of sugar and cream. This is however only the beginning.

The closer you approach your goal, which is a fat-dry body, the more difficult it becomes to lose the last fat inches, especially from your stomach. Sometimes you feel that you do whatever it takes to flatten your stomach, but your body does not comply with your efforts. This is actually because your body gets into a “self preservation” mode. Our body retains the little fat, trying to protect its energy fuel. It should not let its fuel dry. Body Fat is the last source of fuel when the food is finished. This biological behavior of our body is no longer needed nowadays as there is no shortage of food. So, how can you eliminate this behavior of our body? Simply by increasing your metabolism rate.

Learning how to trigger your metabolism and perform a proper training program, you will manage to achieve your objective, which is the reduction of fat and the reveal of the square muscles on your belly. We provide you the knowledge, but you need to put the dedication and hard work. Below you will learn the right way.

It is not so important what exercise you will choose and how much fat you will burn from a training regime of thirty minutes. Surveys have shown that the more you work out, the more your body adapts to exercise, resulting in burning fewer calories with the same training. Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley say that in order for runners to lose unnecessary weight, which depends on the age, should increase their weekly distance training by 2.7 miles for each year. So you need to focus your attention on how much calories you burn during the rest of the day, when sitting in the office or resting on your sofa watching TV. The way to burn more calories during the day is to implement a plan of exercise with weights and cardio. Knowing the appropriate anaerobic and aerobic exercise, the right number of sets, repetitions and duration of breaks, you can create a training plan that will burn the same calories as a 5 km jogging. The advantage of this is that it keeps the metabolism hormones in the body alerted and your body will continue to burn calories all day. So when you sit on the couch or office desk, your metabolism will work with accelerated speed than before, thus burning more fat. In Part 2 of this post I will explain the steps to accelerate your metabolism. Read Part 2 about how to accelerate your metabolism here.

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