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How to loose stomach fat by accelerating your Metabolism Part 2

In Part 1 of this post (how to increase your metabolism) we described the importance to increase and accelerate your metabolism. In this post we will see some practical examples how to accelerate our metabolic rate which will help us lose stomach fat (and weight from all over the body) faster.

1. Do 8-15 repetitions in each exercise set:

When performing maximum workout, we usually include one repetition with maximum weight. You may feel strong, but this will fail to define the lines of our muscles. Researchers have shown that performing sets of 8-15 repetitions stimulates hormones that burn more fat than training with fewer repetitions. The difficult part is to find the right weight charge for the correct repetition. You shouldn’t do just 8 repetitions with weight if you can do more. That way you do only 50% of tension which reduces the effectiveness of training. The intensity should be 90% in each set. To understand what the proper weight charge is, the last repetition you make should be done with great difficulty for that particular weight.

2. Perform 2-4 sets of each exercise

Ultimately there is no need to lift several weight pounds to increase your metabolism. Researchers from Ball State University discovered that hormones responsible for reducing fat increased when people completed only one set of exercise. If you do more sets, fat reducing  hormones will increase even more. In a recent survey carried out in Greece, researchers found no difference when doing more than four sets of each exercise. So the best number to get a reduction of fat tissue is two to four sets in each exercise.
For example, you can perform two sets if you just started exercising, and increase that up to four sets after some time.

3. Do not rest more than 75 seconds

If you go to a gym, the first thing you will notice is that most men spent a chat between sets and exercises, getting rest for several minutes. This reduces the effectiveness of training. The rest period should not exceed 75 seconds if you want to get your fat reduction. When doing 8-15 repetitions, you activate the chemical substance of the lactic acid in your blood. The high lactate levels associated with high levels of hormones is what reduces fat. When, however, you rest more than 75 seconds during training, this allows oxygen to counteract the blood lactate, resulting to falling levels of hormones that reduce fat. When doing small breaks between sets, this keeps the levels of lactate high and allows hormones to burn more fat. Conclusion: the smallest breaks you do, the more fat you will be burning during the day.

4. Train the whole body

How much metabolism increase you have depends on how many muscles you exercise during training. Focus your efforts to exercises that train more muscle groups and try to avoid exercises that isolate one or small groups of muscles. For example, it is much better if you run 10 repetitions on projections than if you do 10 repetitions on a machine that trains only one muscle. If you exercise several muscle groups, you will manage to do a full workout for the whole body. Research at the University of Wisconsin showed that if a person trains the whole body with three exercises, like bench press exercise and feet projections, will activate the metabolism for the next 39 hours. Complete an intensive program for the whole body in each workout, three times a week, with at least one rest day between training sessions. This will help you burn calories several hours after the end of exercise.

5. Switching between two exercises

You don’t need to stay more hours in the gym of what is actually required. Try doing a set for an exercise you have in your program, rest and then exercise with another training regime that will train different muscles. For example, you can combine an exercise for the upper torso with an exercise for the chest or your back. After completing a set of each exercise, follow with the same combination until you finish your set repetitions. This switch allows you to exercise some muscles while relaxing others. The big advantage is that high levels of lactic acid will flow in the blood and simultaneously you relieve some muscle.

6. Keep control of your exercise rhythm

Your objective is to exercises as hard as you can your muscles in every repetition in each set and for all exercises. For this reason, we must control the speed of repetition. When you run a high-speed pursuit this will result in serious muscle tendons. This not only will slow down your metabolism, but increases also the chances of injury.
We must follow the general rule, which says to lower the weight to any exercise, not less than three seconds. So you will manage to exercise the muscles at their maximum.
7. Avoid long distance
It is known that aerobic exercise burns calories, but there are studies that claim that if you watch your diet, there is no need to run long distances. The downside to running is that it stops to activate your metabolism after the end. This does not mean we have to neglect it completely. If you are running with some sprinting in between, this manages to burn more fat. This form of exercise seems to perform much like training with weights. A Sprint of 200 meters exercises the whole lower body region, and its like doing 10 repetitions of projections.

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