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How To Lose Weight While You Supersize…Fast

It’s amazing how the movie Super Size Me spurred so much interest in the links between larger food portions and obesity.Common sense has been verified by studies over and over again that prove what we all knew in the first place. You can read about this in the weight loss forum.

* Recent decades have witnessed an amazing increase in the size of portions served at restaurants and fast food joints.

* People consistently eat more food when more food is made available to them.

* It’s hard for most people to have an accurate concept of how many calories they are taking into their bodies.

* These are just a few things that have spawned the current obesity problem and obesity-related conditions.

Of course, a possible solution to this problem is to decrease serving sizes at every eating establishment.

Initiatives can be taken to inform the general public about the issue of portion sizes and how meal size contributes to obesity.Studies have proven however, that a better solution is to leave serving sizes the same but reduce the overall amount of calories in them.

For example, eating a lot of food like green vegetables and lean proteins make people feel full without overloading calories.Therefore, rather than changing the amount of bad food you eat you’ll get better results from eating more healthy food.This is how to lose weight fast.

One report compared groups of people who a salad before eating pasta with groups that went straight to eating pasta. The groups that ate the salad first ended up eating less pasta.

Still, more research shows that having larger portions of nutritious low-calorie food results in people eating more of it.So supersize it isn’t always bad, just supersize the portions of healthy low-calorie food you eat. This will help you lose weight and be healthier too.

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