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How To Make Yourself Fat And Sick… Eat These Toxic Foods

How others are always talking about losing weight fast is very important. This article will provide you with the info that you need to make this happen. Most people eat poison every day without even thinking about it.Even small amounts of the substance has been scientifically linked to heart disease, type II diabetes, and a destructive effect on nearly every cell in your body.

This poison is a food additive called trans fatty acids (TFAs). TFAs come from the hydrogenation of vegetable oils and are all man-made except some which are found in dairy products.

In 2006, new food labeling laws brought the matter of TFAs to national attention.Some states have banned the use of TFAs in restaurants.

Research has shown increased deaths from myocardial infarction and CHD with even small amounts of the substance.

People in the United States get between two and 3% of their energy from TFA consumption. Places where fast food is new have much higher percentages than those who eat high amounts of fried food and pastries can get up to 10% of energy from TFAs. The government says that the most TFA intake should be 1% which is about 2 g, but others say that there is no safe level of TFAs.

We have to ask why trans fats are so widespread even though we know that there are so dangerous. The reason is that TFAs are used to produce food that has a long life restorers and transportation.

There’s still a lot of ignorance about TFAs and there is very little action being taken to correct the problem.

For example 73% of Americans realize that TFAs increased heart disease risks, according to the American diabetic Association. The percentage of awareness seems to be increasing.University Of Colorado professor Robert Eckel says that the awareness of the TFA problem hasn’t changed behavior very much. The ADA to the survey that showed that 79% of Americans were unable to name three foods that contain trans fats.

Here are some good guidelines and some foods to avoid.

1. Look at the ingredients that are in your food. If you’re food contains hydrogenated oils such as soybean, cottonseed, and palm oils, it has TFA content.

2. Be careful of loopholes and labeling.Even if food has hydrogenated oils ingredients, some companies will put TFA free on their label.Companies will change the serving size make it so small that they have less than half a gram of trans fats. The government will allow them to say zero trans fat is serving has less than half a gram.

3. Eat label – less foods. if you eat natural foods like brown rice, fruits, nuts, and fish, you won’t have to worry about TFAs. These are also some ways on how to lose weight fast.

4. Avoid foods that often contain TFAs. These foods are baked, fried and packaged foods like biscuits, packaged popcorn, taco shells, breaded chicken, and the list just goes on.

Anything that helps address the TFA problem by legislation or lifestyle changes will be good for overall health. I don’t like calling foods forbidden or referring to them as poisonous, but foods with trans fats are a definite exception.You must keep food with TFAs to a minimum you cannot eliminate them altogether from your diet. Be aware, that even if TFAs are eliminated, they may be replaced with something that worse.

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