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How Will The Food You Eat Affect Your Health?

It is a saying as old as time itself and very popular with doctors and mothers alike, and it goes “you are what you eat”. Does this mean that if someone only eats Chinese takeaways they will become fat and unhealthy? What they mean by this of course is that whatever we put into our mouths has a direct influence on our health, fitness, beauty and even mood. It has got to stage now where you move for being told what you can and can’t put in your mouth. However, if you are not an expert its pretty hard to filer out the really important info, so here is is for you, the foods with the biggest influence on our insides and out.

Salt. For a long time, people didn’t even know about the harm that salt can do to the body. The Food Standards Agency in the UK state that people should have no more than 6g of salt and day and most people exceed this. Those people who are very sporty or drink lots of water may need higher levels of salt in their diets as they lose it through sweating. The majority of people need much less than they are currently eating however as it is attributed to heart failure, stoke and elevated blood pressure. Rather than put it in your body, salt is good at conditioning skin and is in fact an ingredient in many skin care products

Fats. We do actually need fats in order to maintain health skin, hair, and lots of other things. If the fats that we needed were the saturated type (trans fats) then there would not be so much of a problem as lots of people eat vast amounts of these, but unfortunately its not, it’s is the unsaturated fats that we need. In basic terms, you will not only become overweight if your saturated fat intake is too high, but you’ll be putting yourself at risk of getting blood pressure and heart problems, joint problems and many more. It won’t matter how many times you get a body wrap, your appearance and health will not be great if you don’t watch your fats

Water. Although water is not something you strictly eat, it’s still something that should be on your radar. Ideal water intake levels are dependent on factors such as temperature, body size, age, humidity etc, although most experts recommend taking in 1-2 lts per day if possible.Water is not only very important for internal processes of the body, but additionally it has a large influence on external appearances, so if your a big water drinker you wont need to have cleansing fascial wash as frequently

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