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Importance of eating a healthy breakfast

The Importance of breakfast

Everyone is so busy these days that many people forget, haven’t got the time or simply don’t bother doing one of the most important daily activities. Eating a healthy regular daily breakfast has been proven to improve your general health and allow you to be more productive doing your daily tasks.

This article contains some facts as to why breakfast is such an important part of your diet and has some simple and healthy breakfast ideas anyone can make every morning.

Eating a healthy breakfast has many benefits. Firstly it helps you to wake up in the morning, become more alert and stave of those patches of mid morning tiredness. It improves your concentration throughout the day which in turn allows you to become more proficient at whatever tasks you have lying ahead of you. Recent studies have compared the performance in a number of everyday tasks of people who had eaten breakfast and those who had not eaten breakfast. The results of these tests confirmed that almost every person who had eaten a healthy breakfast outperformed those who hadn’t.

Studies have also shown that calories gained in the morning are burned off easier and quicker than those consumed later in the day. This is because your body is most active during the earlier hours of the day and utilizes the energy better. People who don’t eat a healthy breakfast are also more prone to snacking during the day.

Whole grain cereals or breads, whole grains contain 75% more nutrients than refined cereals. They contain two different types of fibre which help to lower cholesterol levels and promote healthy gut bacteria and which help with the regular movement of food through the intestine.

Probiotic yogurt contains very little saturated fats and lots of friendly bacteria that enhance the immune system.

Fruit is packed with vitamin C plus carotenoids, folate and fibre. It is naturally low in fat, has very few calories and contains natural sugars to give you a great energy boost at the start of the day.

Eggs contain protein, vitamins A, B, D and E, iron and zinc. Eggs are best cooked in a way that doesn’t include extra fat so boil poach or scramble your eggs. Eggs are delicious and are a great alternative to fatty bacon or sausages. Eating an egg a day is healthy but if you suffer from cholesterol its best to limit yourself to two to three a week.

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