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In Order to get High Potency Acai Berry Consumers Must Shop Carefully

To get real benefits from the popula acai berry people must first choose a high quality product..

Informed consumers make successful customers who can then acquire truly quality products and have the ability to enjoy the benefits that this rare fruit offers.

There has been so much good publicity and too much of hype surrounding the acai berry that is has become difficult for consumers to sort out the good acai products from the inferior products.

Consumers should understand that people who live outside of the Amazon rainforest region of Brazil are not able to buy fresh picked acai berries, so they must buy fruit that is either properly freeze-dried or frozen in order to get the nutritional benefits that the fruit offers. Acai berry fruit is highly perishable and starts to lose nutritional potency only hours after it is picked from the palm tree. So the only way to get acai berry with true nutritional potency is to buy either freeze-dried acai powder in capsule form or buy frozen acai skin and pulp.

For most people the best choice is the freeze dried acai.

Many so-called acai berry products, especially the juices, are blends of many different fruits. So buyers never really know how much acai is contained in the products. These acai juice blends are not pure acai berry products. And some of these acai juice blend products are sold through multi-level marketing programs, which many people believe grossly inflates the prices of some of these products in order to compensate the multiple levels of commissions that must be paid to the network of sales representatives.

Some of these juice products may well be tasty and nutritious but they are certainly not pure acai berry products.

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