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Learn How Fish Oil Can Help You To Lose Weight Fast

You have probably already heard of the benefits of eating fish or taking fish oil pills. A host of studies on animals and humans have shown that the omega-3 fatty acids that you get from fish are conclusive to fat loss. Is this really how to lose weight fast?

While keeping the same diet and taking fish oil supplements, you can expect lose more weight over time.Two different exercise groups were studied together where one group was taking fish oil and the other did not.

The group that did not take fish oil still no improvement in their body fat composition, but the group that did saw a decrease in body fat of 1.2%.Overall, the results demonstrated by the fish oil studies are not remarkable, although some positive effect is clear.

We already know that eating fatty fish helps prevent cardiovascular disease, so with the knowledge about the fat loss benefits, it makes sense to eat fish like salmon or trout a couple times every week. You can learn that on just about any weight loss forum.

Those who don’t eat fish or are vegetarians you can get roughly the same response from taking flaxseed oil. Generally speaking the best dosage of fish oil is one gram or every 20 pounds of weight.

Knowing that most fish oil pills have a concentration of about 30%, you would get a bounce 1 1/2 g from five 1000 mg capsules. You could also eat about 3 ounces of salmon to get the same result.

So while you can get beneficial results from fish oil, please keep your expectations realistic.

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