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Lose weight Rapidly And Look Younger

You’ve probably hear a lot about all the great things antioxidants can do for you.By working against free radicals, antioxidants help protect you against health problems like cancer and heart disease while slowing the aging process and helping you to feel younger. It’s amazing how losing weight fast can make such a difference to your health!

You get fat loss and muscle gain through antioxidants as well because they help you recover from exercise. The free radicals that develop in muscle tissue during exercise are inhibited by antioxidants, aiding recovery.

The damage caused to your muscles by free radicals is mitigated by consuming antioxidants about before your workout. This helps your muscles recover after exercise.Rather than falling for the marketing gimmicks of pills, you should turn to whole foods such as teas, grapes, red wine, cherries, acai fruit, and berries as sources of antioxidants.

The antioxidant snack I prefer before exercising is blackberry jam with almond butter on whole grain toast with some sliced strawberries. To drink, I get some iced green tea with a teaspoon of honey as sweetener.

Eating this about an hour before I exercise gives me a mega supply of muscle protecting antioxidants that help me look younger too. You should try it! On a daily basis your body is subjected to the oxidative stress of free radicals. These are also some ways on how to lose weight fast.

To combat the effects of air pollution, exposure to chemicals and other sources of oxidation, you should have at least two foods rich in antioxidants in every meal and snack you eat. By doing this you can always have some protection in your body.

Everyone is looking for that healthy, muscular, lean, youthful body: antioxidants are one of the main ingredients.

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