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Low carb diet – vegetables that should be avoided

There are many different types of nutrition plans and diets that one can find either online, or perhaps in some other sources as well. Many of them are based on a biological mechanism that is known as ketosis, in which ones body stops using carbs as the primary source of energy, and instead uses its own body fat, and fat that is taken with food, as the primary energy source. The mentioned mechanism of ketosis can be achieved by a ketogenic type of nutrition, which is actually nothing else but just another name for a low carbohydrate diet, because on the ketogenic diet, your goal is to eat food that is rich in fats and proteins, and low in carbs. There are many different meals and food you can eat in order to meet the mentioned criteria.

However, some types of foods should be avoided. A common topic that is debated are the vegetables – whether they should be taken on such types of diets or not. In situations like this, one should always try to find compromises. There are vegetables that can be eaten on such diets with no problems, and vegetables that should be avoided. As a general rule, we could mention, that the more carbohydrates that a vegetable has per 100 grams, the less it is appropriate for a ketogenic diet. Related to this group of vegetables, the following types should be avoided: beans, peas, onions, beet, potatoes, rice and similar. Relatively high amount of carbohydrates is what all the mentioned species have in common, and because of that, they are not appropriate for a low carbohydrate diet, because eating food like that would probably disturbe the state of ketosis.

Fortunately, there are also many vegetables that can be eaten on such diets with no problems. Vegetables like lettuce, endive, cabbage, cucumbers, and various other types. There are many different salads appropriate for a keto diet that can be made, one should only make sure that nothing containing too many carbs is added.

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