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Lucid Dreaming – Is It Worth Trying?

Lucid dreaming is also often referred to as conscious dreaming, in that one can often exercise a certain degree of control over the dream, unlike with regular dreaming. Basically, lucid dreaming is all about the art of dreaming while at the same time being aware of the fact that it’s a dream, even while you’re a busy dreaming.

Being in a position where you have full control over the direction of your dreams is something which nobody can truly imagine until they actually experience it. In fact, it is such an incredible feeling that one could almost say it comes straight out of a science fiction novel. All of a sudden it feels as though you no longer have any limits in your life.

Is it really as simple and as straightforward as what it appears to be? Is it really possible for anyone to experience lucid dreaming?

Contrary to what you may believe, lucid dreaming is nowhere near as difficult as you may think. In fact, if you’re really serious about it, there are various steps which one can try in order to achieve results as soon as possible.

The first thing you need to do is to become absolutely certain as to why you want to master the art of lucid dreaming. Do you just want to have your own private playground in the form of lucid dreams, or is there some other specific reason for developing this skill? Your primary concern here is, you need to understand your reason clearly.

The next step regarding the process of developing your skill is that you will need to master a process which is known as “dream recall”. This will then allow you to recall details of the dreams you have. You need to bear in mind that unless you are capable of remembering a dream, you won’t be able to master the art of lucid dreaming.

Admittedly, this process can be incredibly slow although it should be noted that you can achieve this goal by means of a “dream recall register”, which in essence will allow you to write down and many details as you can remember regarding each dream you have. While progress may be slow in the beginning, with time you’ll soon come to discover that you are now able to remember even the finest details of a dream.

Hypnosis is also something which many people have found to have the ability of reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare ones subconscious in preparedness for lucid dreaming. In fact, in many instances, one or two sessions of hypnosis will be adequate for allowing you to remember your dreams consistently. When you reach that point, you know your mind has been suitably conditioned.

A phenomenon which you can expect to experience when in a lucid dream is to suddenly find yourself wide awake. However, considering that by now you will have gathered enough experience and developed enough skill, you will simply be able to go back to sleep and continue the dream where you left off. Of course, you’ll once again have the power to direct the direction of that dream as you see fit.

And other top favorite between lucid dreamers, is going back to sleep for an hour or two once you wake up in the morning. This method is favored due to the dreams being incredibly close to lucid dreams. In fact, it is not uncommon to wake up after having one of them wondering if you were in fact dreaming or not. Waking up an hour to or two before your usual time can be taken care of simply by setting your alarm clock to go off at the desired time.

As you can more than likely imagine, it can be hugely beneficial to keep a track of your sleeping patterns so as to afford you the opportunity to see when will be the best time for you to have lucid dreams.

In addition to any other reasons you may have, lucid dreaming is also known to benefit those suffering from sleeping disorders such as insomnia. If you have difficulty going to sleep at regular hours, you simply need to convince your mind that together with sleeping, comes an opportunity for lucid dreaming. In most cases this will be enough persuasion for your mind to take over the responsibility of clearing away any thoughts which may be preventing you from sleeping.

Unlike in the past, when it could take ages to master the art of lucid dreaming, recent progress with sound technologies have made it a whole lot easier for everyone.

In fact, a great number of people are now using the binaural beats in order to experience lucid dreams in the shortest and quickest way possible.

Essentially, the reason why these audios are effective, is because they involve playing relaxing sounds to the listener using different frequencies for each ear. This results in a phenomenal amount of realization in addition to bringing the brain waves into the correct frequency necessary for lucid dreaming.

Prior to the advent of this technology, people could only rely on hypnosis and for most people, that was simply too much of a struggle, not to mention the amount of time required.

The bottom line is; that by making use of by binaural beats, you should be able to experience lucid dreaming relatively soon after your first attempt, particularly if you combine this sound technology with hypnosis.

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