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Macrolane – The alternative to the knife

So many people considering cosmetic surgery have now got macrolane in their sights as the alternative. Macrolane cosmetic treatments work in so many unique ways. Results of Macrolane treatment is extremely quick and in terms of cost, it is extremely cheaper than traditional cosmetic surgical procedures.

Macrolane is constructed of a substance that is actually made by our bodies and is called hyaluronic acid (HA), the gel created by it is the main ingredient in Macrolane which is abbreviated to NASHA (non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid). It’s injected in the patients pody under local anesthetic and it adds volume and contour to areas such as breasts, legs and buttocks.

The most popular use of macrolane is non surgical breast enhancements and reshaping. In fact there are numerous different uses for Macrolane – a consultation will give you more options. The possibilities really are endless and more importantly, painless!

Macrolane treatment is done on an out patient basis. Procedures take about an hour and you’ll see results pretty much immediately. There is no real scarring of chance of scarring because no incisions are made. As macrolane is primarily made of substance which is produced by our own bodies it is reabsorbed meaning that you dont need to get it topped for at least 12-18 months

The pain associated with macrolane cosmetic treatment is normally that of slight discomfort. You may find you feel a tugging sensation, but do not worry, this is entirely normal because the macrolane would of stretched both skin and muscle. It is recommended that you refrain from heavy lifting or strenuous excercise after the treatment.

Macrolane can help men too! It can improve the appearance of their chest, buttocks and even their calves! Before looking to take the plunge with cosmetic surgery, try macrolane treatment first, at least a consultation.

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