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Majority Of Skin Care Products Purchased On The Net Harm!

Skin care is big businesses these days, with massive amounts of companies all competing for visibility and market share. New companies are popping up all the time and lots are finding relative success by selling online and not having to spend money on expensive shops. This has caused a few issues in terms of quality control however, as experts from Norway claim that around half of skin care products available on the net have negative effects on the skin.

A cross section of products were taken from across the net, which included a complete range of prices, ingredients, sources and consistencies. The total number of tested products came to 355. There were both facial care and also hand care products sampled, and they were all tested extensively on various types of skin and measured on their effectiveness, ease of use and side effects. There was also a control group who used no products at all.

The findings of the study gave some shock results and gave a clear indication of just how many poor quality products are available on the internet. Not only did 70% of the products have no measurable benefits, but 50% actually caused negative effects to the skin of participants. There were many side-effects recorded in the study but some of the worst were skin peeling, spots, blistering, server itching and dryness.

Another finding, which may not come as so much of a surprise, was that those products at the top of the price range benefited the skin most. Interestingly, there were only positive effects recorded from the products that featured in the top 20% in terms of purchase cost. The overruling advice from this research has to be to do your research and only buy the highest quality skincare products you can. Also make sure you only buy from reputable companies you know. Skincare brands such as Dermalogica and Aesop for example are highly trusted brands. On a final note, always patch-test new skin care products first on an area of skin that is not usually visible, not too sensitive and does not come into contact with other skin.

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