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Massage Isnt The Only Spa Treatment On Offer

There are quite literally hundreds of spa treatments out there. Some many people have heard of and some are quite unknown and sound just plain strange when you try to explain them to somebody. Here is a list of just some of the best ones that you consider having the next time you are in one of those spa hotels.


In the long run this will actually help you out but in the short term it is not going to relax you but may cause you a bit of discomfort and pain. An esthetician will actually go in and remove things like blackheads and whiteheads. To make sure that the face is ready for this kind of treatment you will need to have it cleaned and possibly steamed first.

Photo Facial

This is just one of many skin treatments that uses light based technology. Treating brown spots, broken capillaries and acne are the main uses of this treatment and it really can help with it all.

Body Polish

This treatment is very often confused with a massage which it really is not. The treatment has been described as a facial for the skin and it can be carried out using a lot of different materials. Salt, sugar, coffee, rice bran, and pecan can all be used with this treatment to make the treatment a bit different. To make sure all of the treatment has worked you usually will have to take a shower afterwards.


This has to be the most traditional of all of the spa treatments and is arguable one of the best ways that you can relax somebody. There are so many forms of massage out there on offer and the main ones are of course head, back and full body. Have a look around to find out on the best prices.

Do not just stay within the UK if you are thinking about getting a spa treatment, go all over the place for it. Many places across the world offer spa treatments over the course of a week or more. It may be worth going on one of those Caribbean spa holidays or perhaps even one of those India spa holidays just to give it a try and see if it does well to your health.

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