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Medicinal properties of blueberry

People have always been looking for cures for the problems they had. In almost all ancient cultures,herbal remedies have had an important role, either in a medical or in another sense.

Throughout history, knowledge of herbal remedies and their uses, expanded with time, so that today there is already a relatively large collection of information in favor of treatment using medicinal herbs. Related to many natural herbal remedies, scientific studies were made, and with the help of the studies that were done, the activity of many medicinal plants has been also scientifically proven and verified. Of course, herbal remedies in some cases can’t compete (well, not in all segments) with the artificial products of the pharmaceutical industry, but in many ways they can help, and in many cases, they represent a healthier and cheaper alternative.


One of the most often used, and most well known medicinal herbs is blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus). The fruits of blueberry, whether fresh or dried, are known to be an excellent cure for diarrhea, especielly in small children. Blueberries can quickly and throughout a longer period of time, stop diarrhea, which was created as a result of rotting processes in the intestines. Blueberries have also been known to help treat various types of inflammations.


There are also many more properties that this plant has, but all the data that would be necessary to mention to describe this plant properly, probably wouldn’t fit in a single article. Luckily, there are many websites that describe medicinal abilities of blueberry more deeply, so one can also look for more information there.

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