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Parasite Cleansing for Colon Parasites

Parasites will infect 90% of people during their life, in developed and developing countries. Parasites of the gastro-intestinal tract, or colon parasites, cause numerous health problems such as fatigue, cramps, headache and many more, yet can be difficult to detect and diagnose. The colon parasites feed on the nutrients meant for you.

Parasites, such as Giardia, can survive for weeks to months in warm water so they are often found in wells and water systems, ponds, lakes and even what appear to be clean flowing mountain streams. My water is treated, that kills are the parasites, right? Actually, Giardia is resistant to typical water treatment methods such as chlorination and ozonolysis.

Another way to contract colon parasites is fecal-oral transmission. Children in day care centers, for example, may have poor hygiene practices. Failing to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water after using the toilet puts other children, teachers and family members at risk of being infected.

Symptoms of parasitic infection are commonly attributed to flu or viral infection so parasite infections are often undiagnosed. But we are exposed to parasites from our pets, trips to the petting zoo, the food we eat, the parks we enjoy, even swimming lakes and oceans. Most people who are infected are not aware of the parasites.

About 3.5% of the US population is infected by the colon parasite known as Chilomastix mesnili. These thrive in the colon and cecum where colonies are formed. When colonies form in the gut, inflammation of the colon occurs and the lining and colon walls are harmed. The damage they cause reduces the ability of the gut to absorb nutrients and can lead to leaky-gut, a dangerous ailment difficult to diagnose.

A colon cleanse regimen should include a parasite cleanse to remove the parasites and eggs. Probiotics should be included in the regiment to support the immune and digestive systems, especially since the colon walls may be damaged. Only 100% natural ingredients should be used in the colon cleanse. Antibiotics are sometimes used to treat parasites but are not necessary to remove a colon of parasites.

After a parasite cleanse and colon cleanse regimen, many find that common ailments disappear. Since your body may have been damaged by the parasitic infestation, it may take your body months to fully recover. Many people experience immediate health benefits and better health over time.

If you are suffering from a health problem that has gone undiagnosed, have lost or gained weight, have bad breath or poor skin color or tone, a colon parasite cleanse is a safe, inexpensive and easy way to treat a possible cause.

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