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Peak Versus Maintenance

Rather than finding out how to lose weight fast, how about finding out the secrets bodybuilders use to control their condition? The key to getting ripped is learning the importance of peaking. There is a good reason why you see bodybuilders who are not at their leanest all year.

This is not to say that they sit around getting fat for most of the year: they stay in reasonably good shape.Staying in ultimate shape every day of every year is not possible, nor is it desirable.

Staying at your peak physical condition constantly is a hard thing to do; it might not be good for you either.I’m a good example: I’ll be around 7% body fat for most of the year, but draw down to half of that for performance. The truth is that chronic dieting is a big explanation for people who don’t keep off weight they lost.

You might not read this on a weight loss forum, but constant dieting isn’t the best way to go. Keeping an ideal weight becomes more difficult over the time you have a restricted diet because your metabolism slows down.It’s because of this that intervals of weight loss should be followed by relaxed periods.

When you get into this habit, you can get into great shape at your whim, just like bodybuilders do.

This is the kind of control you’d probably want to have over your condition: staying at a maintenance level, then going to peaks as necessary for performance or display of your body.

Rather than going through those cycles of losing and gaining the same amount of weight, this makes better sense, doesn’t it? Besides, it’s less frustrating because you are in charge.

Although you may never be a professional in the area of fitness or bodybuilding, the peace you will have by being in control will take you a lot farther than the typical dieter. You’ll be the envy of all your frustrated dieting friends when they see that you’ve mastered the ability to maintain the weight you’ve lost.

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