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Pole Dancing is the new trendy breakthrough in Fitness

It was supermodel Kate Moss who writhed around on a pole in the music video “White Stripes” and since then pole dancing has become the latest fitness craze for women of all ages. Pole dancing is providing women with fitness along with fun.

Earlier pole dancing was related to sex appeal. Today the changing scenario has converted this art to offer cardiovascular benefits and muscle-building workout. Women from California to the Bible Belt have benefitted from this exercise. They appreciate the increased fitness and self-esteem that comes with learning pole dancing. For women who practice pole dancing at home have installed removable poles in their recreation rooms.

According to pole dancing instructor Angela Edwards, “We get preachers’ wives, teachers, nurses, accountants, lawyers, anyone between the ages of 18 and 70. The dancing part is where you get the cardiovascular benefits. You see good results. We have women who come in here 40 to 50 pounds overweight and drop it in about six to eight months and they get great, nice, hourglass curves.”

On the pole, the dancer learns to balance and exercise at the same time. These movements are actually forms of weight training. Pole tricking is an art and to learn this skill, students need to do a plenty of stretching before getting started. This will avoid undue accidents or injuries. The students should also warm up, cool down and exercise carefully when learning new moves.

Few popular pole tricks that students learn in class include:

Fireman Spin – the pole allows the dancer to balances her weight while spinning.

Bridge – in this form of pole dancing the dancer holds the pole with one hand and straddles it between her legs. Then she arches her back while bending her knees to see the person behind her.

Walk Around – While performing this trick, the dancer pulls back her shoulders, pushes out her chest and buttocks. She holds the pole in the crook of her arm and confidently walks around the pole.

Leg Grip – to perform this art, the dancer holds onto the pole with both hands. She then jumps on the pole and grips it between her thighs with one leg bent and the other extended while she spins around the pole.

For safety measure mats are laid under the poles. Before attempting pole exercises, the trainers train students to perform stretches similar to Pilates. These stretches help the body muscles to become flexible and the students do not get injured.

Pole dancing has given women a fit body and has increased their level of self-confidence. Most women who have mastered this skill have received praises from their partners, who find them attractive and sexy.

Pole dancing is thus a smart way to feel more sexy and fit.

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