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Possible Root Causes Of Mesothelioma

Almost all cases of mesothelioma patients have been recorded with some kind of connection with asbestos though there are rare cases that have no links to suggest exposures of the patients to asbestos particles. With these cases, reasons such as intrapleural throium dioxide, inhaling erionite and irradiation are speculated as the culprit.

Asbestos is utilized in processing a huge number of items including, textiles, roofing material, cement, brake linings, flooring items, insulation and others. When manufacturing these products, small particles of asbestos are airborne which can be inhaled by those in the sorrounding areas. Compared to any other substances that we inhale by chance, asbestos is not harmless and can lead to life threatening condition like mesothelioma. Not only mesothelioma but also other diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and larynx and kidney cancers are in the list of asbestos related diseases.

Moreover, when an individual is a chain smoker, it may further enhance the probability of acquiring mesothelioma. In the past, some cigarette brands have used asbestos substances to manufacture their filters and people who smoked them were reported to have been infected with mesothelioma through the cigarette filters. However this practice is no longer used and hence it is not associated with such incidents. Aside from this, a virus called simian has been reported to have some association with mesothelioma cancers.

In the early days, many cases of mesothelioma have been recorded in USA among employees working in asbestos related factories. Those who worked in shipyards have been found to have mesothelioma on large scale as early as 1940s. But today, the US government has put laws to keep working places free from asbestos and the working environment complies the safety levels. The British government too has enacted laws to protect employees in asbestos related manufacturing places.

However, there are still nations that do not regulate efficient laws to protect employees in such places and many mesothelioma cases have been accounted yearly on account of negligence of the relevant entities of this frightening subject.

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