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Quick Weight Loss Tips – Food For Thought

Why are you over weight? The answer is very simple you eat the wrong foods and probably eat throughout the day or you could not be bothered to make a nutritional meal you would rather get some fast food because of the time factor excuse. The food you chose to eat will either enhance your quality of life or send you to the grave earlier than anticipated. And ultimately the choice is yours. Here are some quick weight loss tips to get you started and put you back onto the road of health and happiness.

If you are eating a diet that has a high fat content you are sure to gain some weight. You need to cut down at least by seventy five percent and only take in 25% of your calories from non saturated fat types. Another weight loss tip is to decrease your sugar intake as sugar actually has been known to make you eat more so try and eat natural sugars which you find in fruit.

Drink water as this flushes your system and also helps maintain the body in that water carries nutrients to the cells as well as acts as a solvent for many vitamins and minerals. Leave coffee and tea alone and if you do have a cup do not add sugar.

Dieticians and researchers have proved that dairy products can cause weight gain as well as inflammation in your system. Do some research and further reading on the subject.

Diet and exercise is the very first thing people think about when they need to lose weight. And this is the main cause of most not following through with a weight loss program as the thought of exercising or eating next to nothing is not tempting at all. You have tried all the fad diets as well as every slimming aid there is to try month after month and lots of dollars later to no avail. Oh and don’t let me forget about “I don’t have time” excuse.

If you drive a car you will know that the car needs a service in order to keep running well and also needs petrol in order to get you places. Well your body is no different if you don’t give it the correct fuel it will stop going and if you don’t eat correctly your body will eventually seize up. People tend to starve themselves when they have excess weight which is so not the thing to do as your brain tell the body store your fat there is a famine. This information has been relayed to you before but one still keeps repeating old patterns.

The time factor is really a very poor excuse in most cases, as one has to eat on a daily basis so why not just eat correctly to begin with. I know it is all too tempting when you see cakes and chocolates, but every now and then treat yourself to something small almost like rewarding yourself. I can assure you once you start to eat nutritional healthy food that sugar craving disappears.

I can spend days writing and telling what to eat and what not to eat but ultimately the decision is yours. Do you really want to lose weight as I can assure you there are no very short term fixes and losing weight is a mind set? If you don’t lose weight after following these quick weight loss tips consult your doctor as you may have a medical condition either thyroid or hormonal which can be rectified with the correct medications. And remember you can replace all the material things in your life but you cannot replace your health.

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