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Reduce Stress with Exercise

Over 70% of people suffer from stress on a daily basis. You do not have to live with anxiety. After work you just need to go straight to the gym to relieve your stress. If you follow an appropriate fitness program, will help you to briefly forget the worries of work will clean your mind and make you feel calm and strong.

Systematic exercise provides many benefits to mental health: It contributes to the production of adrenaline, reduces the production of stress hormones, combats depression and improves self-esteem. Many American university studies show that exercise is the best «pill», acting effectively both on the physical and psychological level.

A recent study was conducted at the University of Wisconsin in male patients with chronic stress. The researchers gave a gymnastics program to those men. Four months later the results were clear: the volunteers who participated showed a significant decline of stress. The findings of this study agree with similar findings of other surveys which have taken place in other American universities.

Exercise is believed to help fight stress, and consequently depression, with five ways: it pushes the body to produce Endorphins, known as «the fertility hormones», which are naturally produced by the brain. Reduces levels of cortisol in the blood (the specific substance is a hormone produced by the body when you feel stress and was found also that plays an important role in developing depression). Exercise also contributes to the production of large quantities of adrenaline. This gives a sense of satisfaction, which helps to increase self-esteem.

Researchers have concluded that all forms of physical activity is beneficial, provided that they are on a sustainable basis. If it is not feasible to work out every day, then you can work out two or three times a week. Apart from the gym, you can also do simple walking, swimming, football or tennis, or anything done to exercise the body and make your soul feel happy.

The secret is not to pressure yourself. Research at the University of Wisconsin found that low intensity exercises raise your psychology more. Try to perform new and innovative exercises which increase the levels of adrenaline in the body. When you perform well, there is a moral and psychological reward.

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