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Salts From the Dead Sea

dead Sea salt is from the Dead Sea. Dead Sea Salt the dead sea salt is a common ingredient in many bath salts, like bath salts, foot scrubs, salt scrubs, body wraps, soaps, bath bombs and even makeups.
Dead Sea is a well known tourist destination in the world. People from all over the world like the Dead Sea for its various therapeutic effects. the Dead Sea attracts millions of people every year. the dead sea is different because it has ten times the amout of salt then any of the other seas around the world. you can easily float on the dead sea because the salt content makes it very dense. The Dead Sea is also different from other ocean water because only 12-18 percent of the Dead Sea salt is sodium chloride. comparitively, ninety seven percent of the salt in ocean water is sodium chloride.
Groups of people see this place every year for its health effects. Dead Sea Salt is also used for skin creams, unguents and even some soaps. The Dead Sea is unstable With seasons, depth, teperature and the amout of rain it gets. Especially, Dead Sea also has greater concentrations of other salts.
The mineral rich mud is is the main place the Dead Sea Salts are taken from. Runoff streams going into the Dead Sea brought large deposits of gray-black mud in the Holocene era. research has proved that there are a large quantity of minerals in the mud.
many studies were devoted to finding the therapeutic effects of the Dead Sea Salts. Nissen HP, Proksch E, Urquhart C, and Bremgartner M, from the Kiel’s Department of Dermatology University have made experiments of bathing with magnesium chloride. Tests show that bathing in the salt will improve the skin barrier as well as help in reducing the skin roughness. They think that the positive results of bathing in the salt were probably because of the high content of magnesium in the salt.
The recent research about the Dead Sea salt is about its effects on the patients who are suffering from the psoriasis. Dr. J. Arndt tested 50 patients who were aged between fourteen and seventy seven years and introduced them to the Dead Sea Salts. afterwords their skin was rinsed with water.. For three weeks these patients were treated with three to four baths per week. Inside the first week, the symptoms lessened significantly in all the patients. There are also many other uses of Dead Sea Salt.
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