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Should You Go for Invisalign?

The latest developments in orthodontics have encouraged people to seek Invisalign. As an alternative to metal brackets, people want to try clear braces because they can straighten the teeth while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The use of invisible braces works just as well as metal brackets. In fact, people may not even know you’re undergoing treatment. This article will explain exactly how Invisalign works and provide contact information for a professional who specializes in this treatment.

What a Invisalign specialist will do first during your initial visit is get precise bite impressions of your mouth. The bite impressions may be used to create virtual images to help the specialist plan the alignment changes. A orthodontist will then utilize the virtual images to create appliances that will help him fix the alignment of your teeth. You have to put on each tool for approximately 2 weeks before you can move on to the next appliance. The appliances in the series will each work to bring your teeth in alignment.

Most orthodontics offer Invisalign to their patients. In addition, plenty of cosmetic dentists have been trained and certified to do this procedure. If you have family and friends who have invisible braces, ask for referrals. This will help you to locate a dentist or orthodontist experienced in this procedure. You can also talk to your family dentist about a recommendation to a cosmetic dentist.

Compared to traditional metal brackets, Invisalign braces take just about the same time to work. Invisalign is undoubtedly a better choice when it comes to aesthetics but that’s not the only reason why you should choose it as your treatment of choice. The series of corrective appliances used in this method can be taken off, unlike wire braces which are directly attached to your teeth. What this means for you: the freedom to eat whatever you want including chewy candy and sticky gum! This also indicates that even while you’re undergoing alignment treatment, you are able to clean your teeth and gums well.

As a patient, it’s best to keep the corrective appliance on for 24 hours a day for optimum results, with the exception of eating and brushing of course. A patient who wears the appliances as instructed will generally enjoy a shorter treatment time than those who don’t. Did you know that most patients will utilize 20-30 appliances for the duration of the entire treatment process. Overall expenses will generally depend on how many appliances are created and used for the treatment. You may experience some discomfort when you switch to the next brace in the series. However, this is normal and the discomfort will not last long at all.

If Invisalign is something that interests you, contact an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist soon. Try too the clinic displayed at the end of this article. Straight teeth and great smiles do not need wires.

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