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Simple Tips To Loose Stomach Fat

Many people, especially men, believe that by doing several exercises for abdominal muscles, will finally manage to loose stomach fat. But they ignore that even if you manage to gain strong abdominal muscles, this does not mean that it reduces also visceral fat. There are no special or spot specific exercises to loose stomach fat . Abdominal exercises create tightened ab muscles that leads us to the illusion that we had lost stomach fat. Most people, however, that lose weight, they first lose fat from the abdomen, by following any form of exercise because by doing this they change their body energy balance. With regards to diet and nutrition, an improvement is needed also in this area to loose stomach fat. The solution is to intake fewer calories than those consumed. Therefore, we need to reduce excessive fatty foods and carbohydrates, and also consume less quantities of food. We should also reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, not only because alcohol drinking is fattening, but also because excessive consumption of alcohol is a key to increase waist line fat. The reason why this happens remains unknown at present. We should therefore be restricted to a maximum of 2 drinks per day. It is proven that the key to losing weight and stomach fat is to combine healthy eating and physical activity. 30 minutes of medium-intensity physical activity five times a week will enhance health considerably. To loose stomach fat and also get rid of those love handles, we need more cardio exercise especially at the beginning. Aerobic exercises (the type of exercise which accelerates the respiration and heart rate), such as cycling, running, football etc are better for burning fat.

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