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Sleep Problems and Food

What you eat will have a distinct effect on the quality of sleep you get with a direct relationship between meals and sleep upsets. Most folks think nothing of seizing a “midnight snack” or taking a late dinner but regrettably, doing these things can actually be causing you to have a bad night’s sleep.

In order to ensure that you do not have a sleep problems & food association it is vital to think about the food and drinks that may be having an ill effect on your sleeping pattern. Of course, the first drink on that list is likely to be caffeine related beverages like coffee on account of the awake feeling they supply.

In order to eliminate drinks like coffee from hindering your sleep you might drink your final mug no later than three in the afternoon. If you insist on having something warm in the early evening certainly consider using tea instead because there are a number of teas which provide benefits to your health such as in green tea and herbal teas, that are caffeine free.

Alcohol can also cause problems with sleep and that so-called class of wine prior to bed may actually be keeping you up. The best way to keep alcohol from effecting your sleep is to limit drinking to pre dinner instead of late night drinks like that after dinner scotch or glass of wine. To be certain having to use the restroom in the middle of the night doesn’t get you out of be do not drink ninety minutes prior to going to sleep. You will find it amazing how these little changes in routine will positively contribute to a good night’s rest.

Most of the time you are going to want to avoid sleep problems & food choices such as spicy foods because these tend to warm the body, increase circulation and will jolt you out of tiredness. Spicy foods also tend to create gastrointestinal issues like cramping, gas and bloating. All of these problems are ones that will definitely cause sleeplessness so try to avoid spicy foods when you can. Consider eating them for lunch if you like them that much. Do not consume foods 3 hrs before going to sleep due to the fact that your body will become more active in terms of internal movement.

Digestion while you are sleeping can cause disruptions or not being able to get fully into the REM and deep sleep stages of the sleep cycle. Your body will be going through the paces of digesting your food so to avoid this consider eating dinner a minimum of three hours before bed. If you feel your digestive tract is slow consider eating dinner earlier to ensure you get a good night’s rest.

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