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So what’s so Great about Acai?

You’ve likely seen it on Oprah, the Doctors, maybe in articles in health magazines or even in your local grocery store. The Acai berry craze has hit and all time high. But what is it about these little berries native to the jungles of Brazil that has everyone singing their praises? Well for starters, did you know that the Acai berry is so nutritious that the peoples of Brazil’s jungles have Acai for over forty five percent of their diets! Not only do Brazilians look great but no wonder they’re all in such great shape!

So what’s the big deal? People are making such a big deal of Acai because of its unique ability to increase the bodies metabolic rate as well as help prevent a number of disease (such as: cancers and heart disease). The truly amazing thing here is that these claims are not only supported by major institutions and accredited universities, but they have clinically tested and approved by the FDA.

Acai Berries help with: The battle of the bulge, Look younger, Feel Younger, Increase you energy levels, Prevent illness, Prevent cancer, Prevent heart issues, Help you sleep better.

Looking at the list above it’s difficult to believe that one little berry could do so much, however, both clinical and third party testing have come to the same conclusions. In fact PURE ACAI has recently been FDA approved for the benefits listed above.

Not only do they have a balance of fibbers, essential fatty acids and unique enzymes that boost your metabolism and fight hunger but they have hardly any calories and when taken in concentrated capsules, no sugar!

For more information on Acai berry, their history and further research please see our site link at the bottom of this article or in the Authors resource box. Thank you and here’s to your health!

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