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Staving off the winter blues

Winter can be a tough time for everyone, lets face it as humans we are happier when its bright and warm. Winter can bring about many situations in yourself ranging from Monday blues to full on depression.

Below is a list of some methods you can use to alleviate the winter blues and keep you in tip top shape until summer comes around.

  • Taking a nice sunny holiday just before winter starts keeps your spirits high as winter starts. Sunlight goes hand in hand with feeling good and doing this ensures you are fully charged at the onset of winter.
  • Get a daylight spectrum lamp in your workplace or beside your computer, these lamps can be found inexpensively and are a great alternative to natural light.
  • Try to exercise on a daily basis, this helps keep your mind off the negative things in life and keeps your body in good shape.
  • Omega-3 fish oil studies have been thought to help fight depression, they also have numerous other benefits for the body and brain.
  • Vitamin C is necessary to have good skin and can also help elevate your mood. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juice.

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