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Stomach Exercises Utilizing Resistance Bands

An effective component of any exercise routine is resistance bands and this includes exercises for the stomach. Resistance bands are incorporated into a lot of exercising focused on the midsection. There are a variety of difficulties for resistance bands which will normally be indicated by the bands color such as red meaning difficult or yellow being medium resistance. Pick a level of resistance that is right for you and increase it as needed. You can injure yourself by overdoing and starting with the highest resistance level you can find. Injuries are avoided by proper warm ups and talking to a professional before starting any exercise regimen.

Seated Crunch
There is reduced neck strain and no discomfort caused by this exercise when lying on the floor even though the benefits of this exercise are the same as the traditional abdominal crunch since the resistance is provided by the band instead of gravity. You need a straight back chair you can loop the resistance band through to sit in for this exercise. With feet on the floor flat and hip width apart sit up straight; contract the abdominal muscles while bending forward to an angle of forty-five degrees slowly. Repeat. The back should remain as straight as possible and the feet should stay on the floor.

One-Arm Band Pull
Keeping the feet apart hip width lose the chair and stand up. Hold the band approximately eighteen inches apart with your hands over your head. Leave the left hand above your head and bring the right arm to your side bending the elbow approximately ninety degrees. Contract the abdominals without moving the left arm while lowering the right arm so the hand is lined up with the chest. Hold before returning slowly. Perform one set then alternate hands. Do not lean or bend at the waist your back should be straight. Stand on one foot while doing this exercise if you need more of a challenge. Use both hands to do the exercise while standing on the right foot then do the same thing standing on the left foot.

Twisting Roll-Back
A flat surface such as the floor is needed to sit on to do this stomach exercise. Strain to the tail bone can be reduced by cushioning yourself with a towel or mat. Sit down with your heels on the floor and legs bent. The feet shouldn’t be flat you want the toes to point up. Put on end of the band in each hand and put them together after looping the other end over the feet. Lower the torso about forty-five degrees to the floor with a rolling motion. Spread your hands to the sides and twist to the right while you do this. Hold briefly before rotating to the middle and raising the torso back to the beginning position. During the entire exercise you want your heels to stay on the floor. Do a complete set before alternating sides.

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